• Salary isn't always the larger picture; most often than not, it's about your talents.
  • A job, even though it's great, doesn't give your life meaning if you are not your own boss.
  • A Life Coach is a potential key to a career door.
  • The end of your dream is the day you start accepting no for an answer.
  • Doing the same thing in the same way and getting the same result is the best example of the word stagnation.
  • Health is not valued until sickness comes.
  • Worrying can kill quicker than diseases.
  • Being healthy is a lifestyle and not just a principle.
  • A win-win consultation; is not tomorrow, not even next week but it start today with ``Live Chat``.
  • A critical ingredient in consultation is not asking questions alone but acting on the answer.
  • Marriage is neither a way of escape from bachelorhood nor another phase of adulthood, but it is an institution.
  • Unhealthy marriage is not lack of love but a lack of friendship.
  • Joyful is the one who finds that true friend in her spouse.
  • Perfect couples we see today are the by-product of imperfections.

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Take it or leave it that health, relationships, and career are popular demands. It can’t be left out because it’s part of human life circle. One way or the other, we often meet with doctors or counselor when the need arises. www.Need2Know.com.ng offers you these “on-demand” services as easy as a click.

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With Need2Know.com, you have access to wide range of services which can help and save your marriage or relationship. To address your marriage or relationship needs, choose from highly skilled, renowned and credible marital or relationships therapist online. They are available at the click of a button.


If you are not sure of your educational career, difficult building your talent or finding the proper way of doing business, Need2Know Life Coaches enable you to find answers and then take action.

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  • Education
  • Entrepreneur

Our Life Coaches operates just as clearing a land to build something on it. Ask questions, utilize tools, and follow the principles and method to help you produce exactly what you want by choosing a life coach specific to your needs. They are just a click away from you.


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